Motor Conversions and Door Upgrade Service


The appropriate roller shutter will depend on the business and building needs. If you decide to upgrade your manual shutter to an electric, you will be opting into a service that will enable you to operate your door when required, with the push of a button. Electric Roller Shutters eliminate the physical and time consuming job that applies to opening and closing manual doors. Contact us today for a competitive quotation.

Preventive Maintenance Service


Our preventative maintenance service will ensure the smooth running of your roller shutters. Scheduled maintenance of your door will mean that our engineers can make necessary adjustments to prevent the breakdown of your door.

Maintenance can be carried out quarterly and or annually, in addition to a one of service.

Site Survey Service

site survey

After submitting your request for a quotation, our engineers will contact you to confirm a suitable date for a free site survey. We will work with you to determine the best product to meet your requirements. The survey will also allow us to give you real quotation based on the size of the project.

24 Hour Breakdown

24 hour
We are available 24/7 to all commercial, retail, industrial and residential buildings. Our breakdown service covers the M25 Orbital radius. Click here for more information.